Low minimum
Unique of it's kind, Easy Hedge Fund is making investing accessible for everyone. With a minimum investment of only $2,500 USD we distinguish ourselves from all other hedge funds​
High returns*
Our proven strategies have outperformed the regular market returns for years. *Past performance is no guarantee of future results​
AI combination
Combining powerful AI Technology and human intelligence from our experienced team of fund managers for optimal results

Crypto support

Invest with your crypto. We accept over 10 different crypto currencies as deposit and withdrawal

No fixed fees

We don't charge any fixed fees for our services. We separate ourselves from other Hedge Funds

Big and small

We make Hedge Fund services available for the big and small investors. Starting from $2.500 USD.

Technology driven

Our trading AI has been devoloped over lots of years. Technology and reliability are important incentives.

High returns

Our strategies outperform the normal stock market by far. An average return of 105% yearly!

Customer service

We offer chat, whatsapp, telegram, mail and even teamviewer support.

All the results shown are real trading results from our fund. The minimum deposit for this strategy is $2,500 USD. Our strategy 1 is available for registration. Just follow the steps when clicking the register button. If you have questions our support team is always ready to help.

  • Combined manual and AI trading
  • Advanced AI technology
  • 24-5 scanning and trading the forex markets
  • Trading on predictable retraction
  • Manual portfolio management
  • Manual portfolio protection
  • 20% drawdown secured
  • $2.500 USD min. deposit
  • $10.000 USD deposit recommended

Monthly profits 2021

Yearly gain

Past performance is no guarantee of future results

Profit calculation example

Based on our past results we can give you a simple example of what your funds would have looked like if you invested an amount of $10,000 in June 2020. You can see the total amount to which your funds would have grown by now. These are net. results that would have been realized as we already took our cut of the commission out. 

These results are based on real trades and real results from the past. If you want to see more detailed history and data of this strategy please click here: STRATEGY 1.

$10.000 investment

Example: $10.000 invested since June 2020. All commissions are included in the calculation.

Join Easy Hedge Fund

Registration is always free, no deposit required. Click the register button and fill in the form, it is that easy. If you feel ready to invest you can make a deposit whenever you want. If you subscribed we will also keep you updated with our monthly email. In the email we will show you our monthly results and share our latest news.

We got a lot more to show you and tell you about our strategies and services. Please find out more on the rest of the website. If you got any questions feel free to contact our customur service. We are available via Whatsapp, Telegram, Chat, Email and got teamviewer support as well.

Deposit and withdrawal methods