About Easy Hedge Fund

Start of Easy Hedge Fund

Easy Hedge Fund started its official service as a money manager or Hedge Fund under the name ‘Easy Hedge Fund’ in 2021. But as you might expect this is not where it al began. The story of Easy Hedge Fund goes back to 2013 where the start was made under the dutch company name ‘Starten met traden‘ (‘Start trading’ in English).

For years we have been informing and learning people how to trade the forex market. In the last years we have been working as money manager and have been making great results for our clients. To make this service more accessable for the general public we started Easy Hedge Fund. After months of setting up the service, strategies, licensing and partnerships we launched in 2021 as Easy Hedge Fund.

What makes us unique

Low minimum

Easy Hedge Fund makes hedge funds accessible for everyone. With a low minimum of just €2,500 EUR we make investing possible for the general public. This is one of the things we are proud of.

Most hedge funds are only avialable for “the wealthy” and have comlicated background and income checks before you are accepted as a client. A minimum deposit of $100,000 is considered low for most hedge funds, an initial deposit of $1,000,000 is more common.

We are making it possible for everyone to invest, investments starting at €2.500 EUR and instant deposit up to €100.000 EUR instant. Ofcourse bigger deposits are possible and just take up to one work day.


Our brokerage partner is fully regulated and licensed by the ASIC and by the VFSC under Section 4 of the Financial Dealers Licensing Act [CAP 70](Reg. No 700271). This means that your funds are safe with the broker and kept apart from the brokerage capital and are held in a segregated account with an AA – rated Australian bank. By keeping apart your funds from the firms capital your funds are safe and always aviable for withdrawal. 

Our money managers do have all the licensing needed to trade your funds. As Easy Hedge Fund we do have all the papers to opperate as an international company and trade your funds.

Low risk strategy

As a hedge fund we are able to make money on both sides of market movements. If the price goes up we can go up, but if the price goes down we are also able to short the markets. So in an economy that goes up or in a downward moving economy we can both make profits.

Besides going long or short we take in positions with a leverage. This means our funds will be multiplied by the broker. The leverage will help us make bigger profits on small market movements. This reduces the time we are in a trade an with that the risk which comes in leaving a position open.

No fixed costs

We don’t charge you anything in fixed fees and signing up is totaly free. There are no subscription costs or additional yearly/monthly fees we charge. Most hedge funds charge a fee of 1%-2% of your assets, we don’t!

We only charge 20% commission on the profits we make for you. This is a lower fee than market standards up to 30% most hedge funds or money managers charge. 

If we make losses we will also pay our commission for that. So at the end of the every investing period we will make a sum of the possitive and negative commission and will charge the result of that. If we make one investing only losing trades we won’t charge nothing, but also have to win back the negative commission first for the coming investing period. Read more about this in ‘Fee structure‘.

We keep it simple, transparant and fair.


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