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Are hedge funds using trading bots or AI?

The question here is if hedge funds are using trading bots, artificial intelligence or algorithmic trading in their trading strategies. The simple and short answer is yes, and they do use it a lot! Some research say that 50% to 80% of some markets are already traded by trading bots (which is the same as algorithmic trading or as some call it AI). The percentage which is traded by bots really depends on the market.

These days you see more and more articles being published about big trading firms like Goldman Sachs and JP morgan who are making algorithmic trading more and more accessible to their clients. Also more hedge funds are using trading bots to help them decide when to enter a trade or even take the trade, manage the trade and close the trade.

More active hours

Why are trading bots more accepted by the day? It is actually really simple, if you have a good working trading bot is can trade more stable than a person, I don’t say it can trade better but more stable. A trading bot is really nothing more than a list of parameters, just a script which you can drag on a chart and then does everything automatically. It monetizes the market 24/7, opens trades in the right size, manages trades and closes them when the prize meets the right parameters. All this is done without emotions or human error, it is a computer script that just does what it needs to do.

Where money managers or portfolio managers can have a bad day or month, lose confidence and make bad decisions a trading algorithm won’t. The only danger with trading bots is the long term. You can test algorithms for months or years but there is always a possibility that a trading bot has some bad parameters which come at a certain point come out.

What we do

That is why we at Easy Hedge Fund always combine the AI trading with manual trading. We let the trading bot do the work which it has proven in the past and it is made for. But when shit is about to happen we can really quickly correct it manually, or even better when we get the trades right we ride them till the end and get the maximum profit possible!

If you are interested in investing in a accessible hedge fund with low minimum than take a look at our strategies. Depending on the strategy the low minimum of just $2.500 makes hedge funds accessible for everyone!


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