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All the results shown on this page are real trading results from our fund. The minimum deposit for this strategy is €2,500 Euro. Our strategy 1 is available for registration. Just follow the steps when clicking the register button. If you have questions our support team is always ready to help.

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The strategy is a combination of AI technology and manual expertise. The AI we use is a complex algorithm which has been developed over years. We combine the advanced technology of AI and algorithms to never miss an opportunity and combine this with our money management skills as expert money managers. The AI scans the charts 24-5 for opportunities, so we never miss a trade. 

The AI is looking for bigger than normal or average moves on the market. When a big move has happened we know there will eventually be a correction. As traders we want a security to make trades on, a correction is such a security. Our AI is programmed that it can spot the bigger than normal moves on the market and also spot the point where it has reached the maximum move and will make a correction. At this point the trading bot will open the first trade. The trading bot will in most cases open more than one trade. For all trades, depending on the pair we talk about, we have a standard take profit level set. This take profit level is based on the average retraction move that is normal for this pair. 

Stop loss level is set to a drawdown level of 30% of the total account. Between 10% and 20% drawdown our manual exit plan goes to work. In almost all cases, because there is more than one position opened per trade, we can close the positions with a positive result. As long as the sum of all the positions on one pair is positive we see this trade as a positive and succesful trade.

Our exposure to the market is as short as we can make it. The less exposure, the more security. On average we have our positions open for about 23 hours as we look back in our data. This means there are less fees to be paid and there is less risk of leaving a position open.

The last thing to say about the strategy is that because we want stable and predictable moves we have put another feature in. When big news events or presentations happen we will pause all the trading. No new positions will be opened 120 minutes before and 120 after the news event. Most moves that are happening after news events are not technically based. Because we trade only technical and indicator and price action based we cannot trade these events. This gives us more security in our strategy.

We only trade the pairs we know our strategy works best on. This happens to be the major forex pairs which are traded for billions daily. Because these are the biggest traded markets worldwide it also are the most stable pairs to trade.

Traded pairs

Number of trades long + short per pair

Traded pairs

Number of trades long + short per pair

We always want to protect your fundings. To do this in an advanced and smart way we always need to have some margin and liquidity to open trades and to process some negative positions. After running this strategy for a long time we have set the minimum deposit to €2.500 Euro. With this amount we can take all the necessary trades and also have some negative positions open.

Please keep in mind that if you make a deposit with the minimum ammount it is possible you will not get the same results as we show in our charts! From a deposit of €10.000 Euro or more we can open positions big enough to join the same profits as shown in the charts.


Investment example

€10.000 investment

Example: €10.000 invested since June 2020. All commissions are included in the calculation.


Our strategy 1 is tracked by a verified myfxbook account. The myfxbook account is connected to our master account. Since we switched to another service of another broker in Februari 2022 only the results since then are visible. For more detailed information click the myfxbook chart to open the website for this strategy.


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