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Moonfare alternative

There are some reasons you might want to look for a Moonfare alternative. If you are looking for a place to invest or if you searched for a hedge fund you probably found Moonfare. But you also want some other options of accessible funds to invest in, so you are looking for a Moonfare alternative. In this article we will give you some alternatives for the big and accessible funds you did find.

What is Moonfare

Moonfare is a platform where you can invest. In your account you can split your investment, now you can invest in multiple managers or firms with one investment. You can say moonfare is a sort of hedge fund via where you can invest in multiple managers at once. Actually it looks like what we from Easy Hedge Fund do, we also offer multiple strategies to invest in from only one account.

Moonfare has grown a lot as company in the last few years. The total assets they manage is at this moment of writing $1.6BLN USD. The number of users they have is around 33.000. 

For who is Moonfare?

The investment platform makes it a little more accessible for the general public to invest via big firms. But still the minimum investment at Moonfare is still $50.000 or more depending on the manager you to choose. This is a lot lower than most Hedge Funds who have a minimum from $100.000 USD up to $2.000.000 USD.

So is the platform really that accessible or do you need to look for a Moonfare alternative? Not everybody can invest $50.000, so that is why we do things a little different and give you the solution!


Before you make big investments or register at a fund you want to know more about the history. Also you want to know the potential and calculate what the profits and results can be in the future. This way you can calculate the risk-result and see if it is worth investing.

If we look at the website of Moonfare we can only find one chart. In this chart they show that a private equity index is outperforming the S&P 500 by 13%. But nothing is verified and there are no other numbers visible on the website.

At Easy Hedge Fund, a perfect moonfare alternative, we believe transparency is really important. That is why we verify our strategies with a third party solution, myfxbook.


When you look for verified results combined with a low minimum there are a few things you may find. You probably find out about copy trading or social trading. Please stay away from this way of trading. This is a way or trading and not investing. The fees are in most cases really high and most strategies won’t last much longer than a year or so. 

Another thing you might find out about are mutual funds. These are more accessible and have lower minimums you can invest. Mutual funds are limited to their investing and possibiliets by a lot of rules. But these lower minimums and lower risk combined results in a much lower profit than hedge funds.

Accessible Moonfare alternative

If you cannot invest $50.000 at once or you want more transparency about the history you probably need to look further than Moonfare. We at Easy Hedge Fund really want to make investing accessible for the general public. We have a minimum of just €2.500 per strategy

Registration is free and yo can find everything you need and want to know on our website and in our verified tracked results. Just follow the registration steps and you can start investing at the end of the day!


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