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Average result: +8% Monthly +105% Yearly


Technology driven

Technical innovation and reliability are key to our succes.

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myfxbook verified

All our strategies are verified through myfxbook. We like to keep things transparant.

Big and small

We make Hedge Fund services available for the big and small investors. Starting from €2.500.

Private or Corporate

Invest with your business profits or surplus cash. We are able to accept corporate invetors.

Crypto & €/$ support

We accept dozen of deposit and withdraw methods. Invest with crypto, creditcard, bank transfer etc...

No fixed fees

We do not charge any fixed fees. Registration and investing is free of charge. We only take a fee of the profits made.





Investment example

$10.000 investment

Example: $10.000 invested since June 2020. All commissions are included in the calculation, these are net. profits.

Deposit and withdraw

Customer rating

Both trading results as customer satisfaction are really important to us. We provide lots of manuals for every step or action you might need as investor. Besides we have a English and Dutch customer support available at all times.

Our customer support is always ready to answer your questions or help you setup an investors account. We have a chat, whatsapp, telegram and email support. Also we are able to help you out via teamviewer.

No profit = No fee!

There are no fixed fees at Easy Hedge fund for our services. We only charge a commission/fee for the profits we made. This means you only pay commission at the end of your investment period (30 days) for the profits made.

Also we don not charge anything if we made a month with losses. If losses are made we will have to make up for those losses first in the following investment period before any fees are beïng charged.

All the calculations and payment of the fees will happen automaticly. So if you want to withdraw you always have a net. profit that is 100% yours.

How it works

Free registration!

Registration is always free, no deposit required. Fill in the form displayed and make a free account, it is that easy. If you feel ready to invest you can make a deposit whenever you want. If you subscribed we will also keep you updated with our monthly email. In the email we will show you our monthly results and share our latest news.

We got a lot more to show you and tell you about our strategies and services. Please find out more on the rest of the website. If you got any questions feel free to contact our customur service. We are available via Whatsapp, Telegram, Chat, Email and got teamviewer support as well.

Annual investor meeting

Every investor is welcome at our annual investor meeting. This meeting is exclusive for investors at Easy Hedge Fund. We organize this meeting once a year in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. This meeting is completely free of charge and we will provide you in drinks and bites.