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Authorised users

The information included on the following webpages is exclusively addressed to persons who are residents of The Netherlands and must not be distributed to persons or accessed by persons outside this country. 

The user agrees to discontinue using these webpages if, now or in the future, he or she ceases to be located in the above mentioned country.

In relation to the offering of the products described on this website, see also paragraph “Selling restrictions” below.

No offer, no solicitation to purchase, subscribe or sell

These webpages give the user access to information that Easy Hedge Fund (referred to collectively with affiliates as ” Easy Hedge Fund”) has decided to make available, and do not constitute and are not to be construed as, a solicitation or offer by Easy Hedge Fund, to purchase, subscribe for or sell securities. Investors are not able to purchase, subscribe or sell the securities described on these webpages directly from Easy Hedge Fund but through their bank or intermediary only.

No contract to provide information; no advice; hotline;  complaints

The use of these webpages shall not create a contractual relationship with Easy Hedge Fund extending beyond these Terms and Conditions. In particular, the information presented on these webpages shall not be deemed to be an offer by Easy Hedge Fund to enter into an advisory agreement or any other contract to provide information either on a gratuitous or non-gratuitous basis. In light of this, the user’s visit to these webpages or retrieval of information contained therein shall not constitute a contract between Easy Hedge Fund and the user to provide information.

Neither the information on these webpages shall constitute any investment, tax or other advisory service. Such information does not take into account the user’s specific situation as regards, inter alia, his or her knowledge of the relevant securities, investment targets and risk appetite, financial situation as well as his or her tax and accounting position. Such information is no substitute for the advice by your bank or intermediary or any other tax or financial adviser, which is essential in each individual case prior to making any purchasing, subscribing or selling decision.

Users should direct any objections or complaints relating to these webpages in writing to the following address:

Easy Hedge Fund


No financial analysis

Information provided on the webpages does not constitute financial analysis and also does not satisfy the statutory requirements for ensuring the unbiased nature of financial analysis; nor is such information subject to a ban on trading prior to the publication of financial analyses.


The purchase/subscription of securities or derivative financial instruments is associated with financial risks. Given unfavourable conditions, such risks may materialise and lead to a total loss of the invested capital. Potential investors should carefully read the issuance program, the relevant final terms and any supplements to the issuance program in order to understand the risks associated with an investment in the securities or derivative financial instruments. Potential investors should consult their own bank or intermediary or any other tax or financial adviser prior to making any purchasing, subscribing or selling decision.

Price information

The price information contained on these webpages originates either from third-party sources such as financial information service providers or has been calculated by Easy Hedge Fund itself and should not be relied upon to predict future values or prices.

In some cases, current prices of securities or derivative financial instruments or underlyings may be shown with a time delay. Users can find additional price information, in particular information pertaining to the past price performance of the underlying, at the place referred to in the prospectus for the relevant security or derivative financial instrument. Historical price performance is not a reliable indicator of future price performance of the underlying or the securities. It should be noted that Easy Hedge Fund provides no warranty for the accuracy of the price information and that price information shall be subject to correction at any time (see also with respect to the exclusion of warranty in paragraph “No warranty for content” below). Potential investors should consult their own bank or intermediary or any other tax or financial adviser prior to making any purchasing, subscribing or selling decision.

Information on returns

On these webpages, all information concerning returns refers to gross returns which do not factor in costs that will be incurred and, unless expressly indicated otherwise, in taxes to be paid by the relevant investor. Investors will, in fact, incur costs and taxes which diminish returns or may result in losses. These include, for example, securities account costs or transaction costs. The extent of the impact of any such costs and tax on the net return depends on the amount of the investment and the costs and tax actually incurred by the relevant investor. Potential investors should consult their own bank or intermediary and/or any other tax or financial adviser prior to making any purchasing, subscribing or selling decision.

Conflicts of interest

It should be noted that, from time to time, Easy Hedge Fund purchases or sells securities, derivative financial instruments, commodities, futures and options for hedging and other purposes, or holds positions (long or short) in these which are identical to or connected with such securities or derivative financial instruments. This may possibly have an adverse impact on the value of the securities or derivative financial instruments. In addition, Easy Hedge Fund may be the calculation agent or sponsor of underlyings and, as such, may make determinations which adversely affect the value of the securities.

Commission payments by Easy Hedge Fund

Easy Hedge Fund may pay commissions to distribution partners in connection with the distribution of any securities or derivative financial instruments. Such commission payments will reduce the return the investor is able to achieve. If commissions are paid, you will find information pertaining to the amount of these commission payments in the relevant final terms or you may obtain such information from your distributor and the respective issuer upon request.

Selling restrictions

The products described on these webpages are not permitted to be offered for sale in all countries and are in each case reserved for the group of persons who are authorised to purchase the products. The selling restrictions which apply to specific products are set out in the relevant prospectuses and should be read carefully by the user. In particular, the following selling restrictions apply:

Legal entities domiciled in the U.S.

The information contained in these webpages is not intended for the United States of America. U.S. citizens (within the meaning of Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933) and legal entities which are domiciled in the U.S. are prohibited from accessing these webpages. Information provided on these webpages is not permitted to be disseminated or disclosed in the U.S. or other countries in which doing so would breach their applicable law. The securities listed herein are not and will not be registered pursuant to the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, and no authorisation was obtained to trade these securities pursuant to the U.S. Commodities Exchange Act of 1936. The
securities are not permitted to be sold or offered in the U.S., to U.S. citizens or to legal entities domiciled in the U.S.

The products described on these webpages will be offered or sold to legal entities in other jurisdictions only if this is permissible under the relevant applicable legal provisions.

No warranty for content

The provision of or the content on these webpages or other services shall not give rise to any obligations of Easy Hedge Fund vis-à-vis the users. Although these webpages are based on information which Easy Hedge Fund deems reliable and Easy Hedge Fund strives to keep this information up-to-date, Easy Hedge Fund provides no warranty whatsoever for the information contained on these webpages (announcements regarding the terms and conditions of the securities shall remain unaffected thereby). In particular, Easy Hedge Fund provides no warranty as to (a) the quality, accuracy, correctness, availability and completeness of the data and other information on these webpages, including of content, views or comments provided by third parties (such as index sponsors or website users), (b) the timely and accurate notification of users that defined limits and thresholds have been reached, (c) continuing to provide or update such information in the future, (d) the suitability or appropriateness of securities for investors, (e) the accounting and tax consequences of investing in securities and (f) the future price performance of securities. Investors should consult their own bank or intermediary and/or any other tax or financial adviser prior to making any purchasing, subscribing or selling decision.

The values and prices presented on these webpages do not factor in the size of transactions, i.e., a specific transaction’s size may result in deviating values or prices. In addition, these may not correspond to the value or price which is obtainable on the relevant market at the time a user would like to purchase or sell specific securities or currency.


These webpages may contain links to websites which are financed and maintained by third parties. Easy Hedge Fund provides users with such links solely to assist them in finding other sites. Easy Hedge Fund has not examined the information, software or products on such sites with respect to content or proper functioning. As such, Easy Hedge Fund makes no representations whatsoever about the content of such sites. In addition, Easy Hedge Fund assumes no liability for any technical defects or viruses contained on such sites. The fact that Easy Hedge Fund provides a link does not constitute a recommendation or confirmation by Easy Hedge Fund as to the content on such sites, their owners or the persons responsible for them.

Rights in content and layout

The content and layout of the webpages, including the underlying software, are protected by copyright or otherwise. The reproduction, transmission, modification, linking or use of the webpages (in full or in part) for public or commercial uses without the written consent of Easy Hedge Fund is prohibited. Downloads and copies of these webpages are for private, non-commercial use only; they may not be disclosed to third parties.

Data Privacy

Further information on data protection, as updated from time to time, can be found under the following link. The information published under the link takes precedence.



We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without giving prior notification. We therefore advise you to check this page on a regular basis.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 24-01-2022.

Applicable law / jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands.


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